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Panda, Dollfie

Wishlist! --Trades, Partial Trades, or Payment Plans! :D

Items I'm willing to trade for!  I do not have the current financial status to obtain these things myself, but if you happen to have them and they are in very good condition, please consider trading, partial trading, or a payment plan with me! :D For clothing items, I am a small and my shoe size is 6.5 US but I can also fit a 7 :)

Thanks! <3heart<3 you XD

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Panda, Dollfie


I went to the Baby store in San Francisco and fell in love with their Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry print.

One hundred eighty-six dollars! @_@ for just the skirt and not even the JSK x_x

sighhhhh~I fear that I am too impatient right now, as the infatuation is still fresh T_T

Someone on the eglcomm_sales wants to trade her JSK and guess what? I own NO lolita brands to be desired T_T And even if I had the money to buy it, how idotic of me to spend that kind of money on a dress alone compared to my other priorites--and its a LARGE! >.< (at least with a large, thats something you can take in >.>)

My birthday is this month though...nice opportunity to make it mine...*.*  Still, I'd much rather find it used to make it more affordable, more attainable, and more sensible for me to purchase~

But alas, I will be disheartened by my impatients and longing for now :'(

Panda, Dollfie

Innocent World Fawn Pattern WANTED

Ohhhhhh I want this soooo baaadddd >.<


I'd post it as a want ad but I seriously don't have the money!!! DX And is there any hope of me trading? X( Not too likely... :'(  I don't have very many I don't have ANY Lolita name brand items.  I'm working hard to sell off much of the collection of things that I have been hoarding through the years and the main goal is to pay off the debt from my shopaholic illness.  I'm sure that it'll be some time before these beautiful pieces make their way to my hands... No instant gratification here -_-  Wouldn't it be wonderful though to give Chobit Twin the money to purchase them for me while on her trip to Japan ~Ah~ but would I even have that kind of money to even give her T_T *sniff sniff*